“Invading your country, killing your civilians and keeping your oil for your own good” in Arabic?

You’ve got to love serendipity: I’m completing my LJ account details, browsing through the school directory and I find this blog. And it’s got a link to some fantastic news: Bush Kicks Off National Foreign Language Initiative.

I kid you not:

“We’re going to teach our kids how to speak important languages. We’ll welcome teachers here to help teach our kids how to speak languages,” Bush said in introducing his National Security Language Initiative at the State Department.

… says the man who talks about nukelar weapons. Don’t get me wrong, I praise that initiative. It… just… made me chuckle, that’s all. It kind of reminds me of Zoolander, when he talked about his “Center for Kids Who Can’t Read… Good”.

But then it gets even better:

The new program will benefit U.S. national security interests by training citizens and military members to understand and communicate with peoples who may have a wrong and limited view of America’s ideals and culture, Bush said.

“When Americans learn to speak Arabic, those in the Arab region will say, ‘Gosh, America’s interested in us. They care enough to learn how we speak,'” he said.

Oh, so that was the problem all along. You see, if you could come up to them and explain what “WMD”, “Blood for oil” and “towelhead” means, sure they’d “get” American ideals straight away. While you’re at it, I’m sure you’d make them give up their fundamentalist ways. Why didn’t someone think of that one first? Too busy trying to get Creationism and ID in schools?

~ por nushh en 2006/01/30.


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