Bauhaus @ Madrid

I’m just back from the gig + after-show drinks (with friends, not the band – I wish!). Don’t think I’m articulate enough to express what these guys are capable of. They’re absolutely BRILLIANT musicians. They just know how to provide perfect entertainment, quality – I guess I’m still… simply in awe.

Meaning – I liked them, I quite loved them, they’ve been there throughout my teen years, but I wasn’t a drooling “oooh, Murphy, my personal vamp god” type. But this, this is different. It’s exactly what musicians should be. It’s about having brilliant songs, a personal style and being an utter professional delivering an excellent, heartfelt performance that just leaves everyone simply adoring you.

Plus I loved their humour. When Murphy came out in a cape – boy, did that make me chuckle 🙂 It was all tongue-in-cheek throughout most of the gig, especially the last bis, but still it was taken care of to such detail. They play so damn well I just can’t remember one single band that’s left me this feeling of absolute respect towards them. When I said I was in awe, I meant it.

The only band I can think of that’s struck me as this serious and commited to what they do is Rammstein – they were a bit of a surprise, actually. Another example of an artist aware of the fact that people are expecting something more than a bunch of guys dressed up in pvc playing half-arsed songs while acting cool. It’s a show, it’s not just what you enjoy doing -you do secret gigs at bars for that, you don’t do 2000+ venues and charge 30€-, it’s what your job is that night.

Bauhaus were a lot less spectacular, obviously, no fireworks there – it was all a lot more personal. Sound was excellent, they played wonderfully, and Murphy is sheer elegance on stage, even when he’s one dancing parody of all that “gothness” that stemmed out of him in the first place. And he shows such respect towards his audience. They all did. I can’t think of any other band whose members are such excellent players individually and whose records are all just about perfect. I just can’t – and I love lots of other bands for very different reasons.

Anyway, it’s bed time for me now. I’m up early tomorrow and I’ve got to sleep off all this rum and sheer delight at having seen Bauhaus in action. Yeh, I guess ecstatic sums it up pretty well…


~ por nushh en 2006/02/17.

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