It will be our democracy or no democracy.

Front page of the International Herald Tribune, February 14th, 2006, “Americans and Israelis aim to undo Hamas vote” (by Steven Erlanger; printed version said ‘rout’, everyone else -including Herald Tribune contributers- is quoting it as ‘vote’):

“The United States and Israel are discussing a strategy aimed at desestabilizing a new Hamas government in the Palestinian Authority, Israeli officials and Western diplomats say.”

Unlike George Bush, Jr.’s reelection, Hamas victory was clear and, given the numbers, has been widely accepted as legal and as being the people’s choice. Like Bush Jr.’s reelection, it has brought scandal – I for one feel uncomfortable with a radical religious group as head of any country’s government and would rather have one that separates people’s right to worship whomever or whatever they choose from state affairs. Fact still remains, I’m not not Palestinian, I could not vote and if I respect a country’s citizens’ right to vote, I also have to respect their choice.

Having said that, I wouldn’t expect Israel to have conversations with a government including people from Hamas. Nor would I expect Hamas to want to negotiate with Israel.

I wouldn’t expect the United States, the same country who has a history of overthrowing several countries’ rightful governments, to stay put with the Hamas victory situation.

What I didn’t expect is their growing boldness in saying how they’re planning their next strike against democracy – wherever it is. It scares me how safe it is for them to be this flagrant about it.


~ por nushh en 2006/02/17.

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