The nerve

Someone please explain this to me.

I get theft. I can perfectly understand why a family’d keep -even steal- an expensive camera. I can understand (that is, find an explanation for) most crimes, serial killing, torture, so why not petty theft. I may not like any of it, it probably makes me love people a tad less than what I already do, but I get it.

What I don’t get is the part in which they stand by what they do, provide their identity and quite simply talk about it as if it were perfectly acceptable. (To some extent, it’s sort of like this.)

That’s part of what I never understand: how they seem to believe the load of crap they deliver. Back to the story, take this for instance, the loving mother, concerned for her baby [quoted from the victim’s blog]:

“And he was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and he’s now convinced he has bad luck, and finding the camera was good luck, and so we can’t tell him that he has to give it up. Also we had to spend a lot of money to get a charger and a memory card.”

It started to dawn on me that she had no intention of returning the camera.

“We’d be happy to return your photographs…”

I was incredulous. “This is an expensive camera, you know.”

“Oh, we know, we looked it up.”

So in fact, I’m starting to think they partially believe what they say – otherwise they’d have kept their mouths shut, end of story. Right? Although, seeing as they’d rather teach their son theft is fine and scorning the robbed is better, I can’t say I know how these guys’ minds work anymore.
Wait for the topping:

Finally, I get a package in the mail.

“Enclosed are some CDs with your images on them. We need the memory cards to operate the camera properly.”

Oh. Obviously. Would you like some cash to buy a bag to carry it in too?

There’s something else I don’t understand: how come local authorities (who’ve already got a name, an address and a phone number) haven’t paid that family a visit?

Whole story with updates here.


~ por nushh en 2006/02/23.


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