Risky cast

Can’t help myself. This has been a source of much amusement for the last 30 seconds. Ta.

Why? Go on, read the names – the cast:

Keanu Reeves
Robert Downey, Jr
Woody Harrelson
Wynona Ryder

Still nothing? It’s the ultimate list of losers: huge over-hyped stars who managed to throw it all out the window in the last, say, 15 years with their usual awful acting, stupidity and downright conceit. I thought there had to be a list of dont’s in Hollywood, something that specifically advised against casting those four together on the same film. Oh, yeh, Keanu used to be hot… in Much Ado About Nothing and Little Buddah, some 12 years ago. SciFi-wise, at least he’s managed to star in The Matrix (I’m talking about the only one that should’ve been shot that ever existed), plus Constantine wasn’t half bad. But – Johnny Mnemonic? No, wait, that was partly fun. A Walk In the Clouds???? *cringes*

Weird thing is, I like that lot. Except for Downey, Jr., that is. I actually like Woody Harrelson (I’m sort of fond of him ever since Natural Born Killers and I thoroughly enjoyed The People vs. Larry Flynt, I didn’t even notice Courtney Love that much) – I wish he’d have better luck. I’ve enjoyed most of Keanu’s films. And Wynona can lose the spotlight to Angelina any time she wants (oh, wait, she’s not on this one…).

So I’m definitely looking forward to A Scanner Darkly, to seeing it – it intrigues me aesthetically, plus it’s Philip K. Dick.


~ por nushh en 2006/02/28.


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