ETA declares a permanent cease-fire

Most of you will already know, but just in case, ETA 101:

  1. Terrorist group much in the line of the IRA, only ETA forgot to check the part in which there's ever been a real, independent country in the territories they claim as such (uhm, you could possibly… sort of… say that of what they had for 50 years in the years 985 a.C. to 1035 a.C.; you get the idea).
  2. They became active under the regime of our much beloved -particularly ever since he's two feet under- dictator Franco, some 40 years ago (we've allegedly gotten over him, definitely not thanks to ETA, by the way), claiming to rage against the repression of the military dictatorship on the basque people. In the meantime, my uncle was in prison -in Madrid-, and my dad and mum were also risking the arses, all three to get rid of that same repression the rest of the country did not suffer.
  3. Have killed several hundred people, injured thousands and extorted… nobody knows how many basque entrepeneurs. I forgot to mention that was after dictator Franco died and we became a democracy again. 30 years ago.
  4. Has been the perfect scapegoat for huge terrorist attacks completely out of their league, such as… I don't know, say the 3/11 attacks by Al Qaeda in Madrid. So you can't say ETA wasn't useful after all. (It's a long story and I know it sounds crazy, but there's still people out there who'll want to believe that to try not to face the fact that they screwed up giving their ass up to Bush. Like I said – long story short and I was talking about something completely unrelated. Now, where was I.)
  5. Has declared a couple of truces before; but, alas, as with any truce, there was always an end to them.

And that's why you'd think we'd all cheer to the word ceasefire instead of truce. See, we're just not used to hearing it and it sounds fantabulous. And, given the tension over the last months, with the Popular Party (opposition) trying to keep everyone on edge [currently not working: try google instead] ever since they were voted out of Government, I'm happy and worried and hopeful and… As is almost everyone I've spoken about it so far: we just don't know what to make of it. As yet.

And that's all, folks. Wasn't it refreshing to hear about one terrorist group without an immediate, obvious religious agenda?

You might want a serious, non-personal source with this rant, though (and I'm honestly not feeling up to the task). Might I add I actually enjoyed reading this profile and this one on ETA.

Update: added Google search link for a broken link to a CNN article.


~ por nushh en 2006/03/23.

4 comentarios to “ETA declares a permanent cease-fire”

  1. I wouldn’t be very optimistic about the ceasefire, actually most of the people around here are very skeptical about it. It is exactly as you say: I just don´t know what to make of it yet, BUT, one thing I can say:

    This situation has ruined too many people’s life and I can assure you that it makes the day by day very uncomfortable up here.


  2. But do people look as if they’d want it to be true as it is, do they feel they’re not getting enough out of it…? Down here people are skeptical too, becasue we are talking about murderers after all, but they’d love to know it’s true. I’m even sure that most reasonable people wouldn’t mind having imprisoned terrorists transferred to basque prisons as long as they stay in there as long as they’re supposed to, not a day less.

    So… what are people saying up there?

  3. Ooof that is a difficult question… First thing you learn here is that there are some subjects they’d rather not discuss. There is wide range of opinions (and stands, for that matter) but no way to actually know them.

    In example, my university has it owns problems . As you can imagine, those who come here are usually from extreme-right tendencies, so they care little or none about the problem nor these people. For most of my colleagues, the best terrorist is the dead one and Spain is One, Big and Free (you know what I mean)

    The state university (UPV, Universidad Publica Vasca) is whole different deal. If in Madrid it was very common for students to be republicans (this is something I noticed, and I could be wrong, but I realized that many ppl “became” republican once they got into college…as if it was a trend or something) here it’s the same about the avertxale movement.
    So most of ppl our age are pro-independe and pro-do-it-any-means-necessary a.k.a. violence. Most of them are not very serious about it, as I said, it is like a trend: a common basque (state college) student is avertaxle ‘cos all his friends are and they need to rant about something (make it monarchy, independence, or koala’s reproduction cicle in North Australia during spring)

    My neighbourhood is more… extreme. It is filled with leaflets and all type of propaganda about indepence and ETA (all in Basque, of course, so I can’t really translate). Also it seems that there are 4 terrorist from here, and my neighbours gather every week asking for their release or transfer. (sometimes I have to hold back asking them “Excuse me lady, what did they do to be imprisoned?”) More like a gathering they seem like riots, and vandals…

    In town there are some quarters that can get scary if you dont look /act/speak basque (whatever that is supposed to mean, did you know that they have here a non-official Basque ID card?)

    So, tension is obvious but none speaks about openly… there is pact of silence caused by fear, careless or simple boredom I don´t know, but there it is.

    (I remmember telling you about that time in my nh’s drug store whose assistan was constantly asking me -indirectly- where I was from. I ignored her to the point that she ended up asking straight away . I answered that I was from everywhere and nowhere in particular…Her face left me very satisfied)

    I don´t know if I have really answered your question but I did my best.

    Bottomline my Opinion: The ceasefire is bullshit. I , for that matter, have read Machiavelli’s Prince and if I were to rearm and develop new and improved tactics, a fake permanent ceasefire is exactly what I’d do. It is sad, and I’m really hoping to be mistaken, but it’s already been a long time since I stopped believing in people’s (whether terrorists or not) good intentions

  4. […] (estoy vaga y por ahora no tengo mucho más que añadir a lo que se me pasaba por la cabeza antesdeayer). Hoy están saliendo más datos sobre cómo se fraguó el alto el fuego y espero ver más en los […]


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