2nd Republic

History post today.


75 years ago began a new republican democracy in Spain. (Republican, as in "no king". Politically it'd be safe to say they stood to the left of today's US Democrats.) 75 years ago, women had the right to vote for the first time. They lost that right, along with everyone else, during the fascist dictatorship that was to follow a coup (1936) and a three year civil war. That dictatorship lasted almost 40 years.


That democratic 2nd Republic would've been 75 years old today.

Happy Birthday.

Update: corrected the post to leave out the elections 'till June (didn't make it harsher on monarchs, though 😉 ). Also changed the tag to something that makes sense. You'd have thought I'd keep my head on at all times *shakes head*.


~ por nushh en 2006/04/14.

2 comentarios to “2nd Republic”

  1. To be historically accurate, 75 years ago, a republic was proclaimed in Spain. There were no general elections. There were local elections which the republicans won in most (if not all) large cities. The elections took place in June 1931. For the first few months a provisional government (non-elected) held power (led by Niceto Alcalá Zamora). Happy 14th of April to all! 🙂

  2. Aaaand you're absolutely right, it wasn't till two and a half months later that the actual elections took place, which makes for another beautiful excuse to celebrate again 😀

    I got carried away there and now I feel like it'd be "cheating" to change that to something like "at last Spain got rid of its king". Hm, I just might though 😉


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