Sin City 2

And now for something completely different… Angelina Jolie (and Sin City 2, that too).

I've been whining about Angelina Jolie's films for a while now. A couple of months ago I decided to watch three films I saw on the IMDb just because she was on them -if briefly- and I'd never even heard of them. (Being the Jolie-aholic that I am, any other that I had heard of before I'd already watched or just couldn't find anywhere.) I called it the "How come I've not seen this film when Angelina's on it for 3 whole minutes" collection.

Anyway. The lucky ones were Love Is All There Is (what a lousy waste of money, I can't begin to tell you how ridiculously stupid, dumb and boring it is), Without Evidence (couldn't even get through it,and I don't recall ever not staying till the end of any film) and Mojave Moon (pretty good, all things considered; it was even funny, plus it's always good to see Hicks again). That added to the fact that the last film featuring this gorgeous young lady was Mr.& Mrs. Smith and the one I saw before that was Tomb Raider 2, has made me lose almost any hope of going back to the times when she did Playing By Heart, Girl, Interrupted or Gia.

Forget that: closest thing was Beyond Borders, which was obviously very well intended and sure enough had Clive "Hottest man alive after Wolverine" Owen on it, but… didn't quite make it, not by a long shot. Hence, the whining.

But, not to worry, salvation is at hand, said a friend: rumour has it Angelina Jolie will star on Sin City 2. Question is, "star" as in Gone In 60 Seconds? If that's it, you can count me out right now. "She's hot, oooh, she's dangerous, she's got tattoos…" She's a bloody good actress too, don't just make her stand there looking hot. She was born hot, she doesn't need training as an actress for that, let her actually do something.

So anyway, I still don't know the Sin City 2 thing for a fact but I will definitely go see the film, whether she's on it or not. Just like I will go see her own next film – and I just hope it doesn't make me want to clip her agent around the ear. Again.


~ por nushh en 2006/04/15.

Una respuesta to “Sin City 2

  1. Well maybe you know it already but I had no idea ‘till 5 minutes ago when I came across some unexpected webpage:

    They are making Fran Miller’s 300 into a movie!! (I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it but just in case or, in order to inform this comment’s potential readers, I’ll say that tells the story of the fight between the Spartans and the Persians in a rather crude way…)

    Sounds good to me.


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