Get perpendicular

A density of up to 138 Gb/inch² according to Tohoku University in Japan is what you're looking at right now. Perpendicular magnetic recording technology promises better peformance and reliability, but what really won me over was Hitachi's presentation. Oh, the pretty colours.

At $270, Hitachi's 5K160 (160GB in a 2.5" drive) isn't quite budget material yet, but then again nothing is when it's fresh out of the oven so we'll just have to wait. PMR's worth looking into, though – there's a handy Perpendicular 101 on TG Daily for your convenience.

(Thanks, Iye.)


~ por nushh en 2006/05/15.

3 comentarios to “Get perpendicular”

  1. ‘Hitachi and the angry inch’ could have also been a good title 😛

  2. Oh My…. Just thinking how well this would fit into Portable Music players makes me drool. It’s a perfect match. Cowon’s A6 is the MP3 player featuring the tiniest HD at the moment, which is still 8.5” big. So imagine the possibilities! I guess that its implementation on portable devices would be determined by its power consumption…

    By the way, today I watched Supernatural 11×01 and… OMG!!?? Was that the Smoker Man HIMSELF!? NOW we are talking about good stunts…

  3. Looks like it was 😀 Shame on me for not having noticed him when I saw it… but I guess I’m not a huge X-Files fan, just watched it once in a while :-s


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