Gmail’s down…

… and has been for something like 5 hours now. And my e-mail addiction's kicking in. (Fine, I started feeling cramps after the first 10 minutes, but I can't blame that on Google.)

And I promised myself not to do any posting for a week or so (I'll have to post something about Lordi eventually, after the great time I had on Saturday – and I'm not even Finnish. Plus I've been playing Hard Rock Hallelujah for days now! ).

No, I've not forgotten, I'm just giving you time to catch up. I'll have to figure out how to talk about that 24 finale we've been fed. It's a long time 'till January. Bastards. Damn them all to hell.

24, Supernatural and My Name Is Earl are all over until next season, I'll be done with House in a few episodes and The West Wing isn't enough – what am I supposed to watch? Any suggestions?


~ por nushh en 2006/05/25.

Una respuesta to “Gmail’s down…”

  1. There’re awesome animes out there waiting to be watched…

    You could try with:

    Blood+ ->I already told you about it, it’s a remake of Blood – The Last vampire

    Monster ->which rocks! It has an amazing plot

    Witch Hunter Robin-> I think you might have already watched it, but I had to put it anyway

    Now and Then, Here and There-> One of my favourites,it’s sweet, it’s corny, and it’s crude and cruel. All packed in the same show (and It has one of the most evil antagonists I’ve ever seen)

    RahXephon-> If you liked Evangelion (which I presume you’ve already seen, if not… what are you waiting for? it’s a must) you’ll like it too.

    Karas->It’s an extremely well made (and I’m very serious about that) anime distributed in OVA’s (I guess the reason is the amount of work every episode takes). There are 4 out so far. Recommended.

    If you need more tell me, I’ll happily expand the list 😀

    BTW, I’ve seen Supernatural ‘till episode 18…I like it very much so far. I believed Dean was the man of my dreams. Well…after Sam’s shower scene I’m having second thoughts. Actually, I’d keep both :p


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