[insert schoolgirly shriek here]

What you’re about to see is a screen capture of a Justice League episode I’ve just finished watching:

I’m not all overexcited for Luke, no. I knew he’d been paying for his… uhm drinking needs voicing The Joker on several animated series and several other characters on video games and the like. (Actually, that’s not true, I only knew he’d done lots of voicing and he’d played The Joker on Batman Beyond, which happens to be a great series and one I miss dearly – go watch it if you haven’t).

What’s made me shriek and drool like a schoolgirl at the sight of Angelina’s boytoy is Kurgan Clancy Brown. I’d completely forgotten about him for years (shame on me, I didn’t even recognise him on Enterprise) until I found him as Brother Justin on Carnivàle. (And I must say he was the main reason I kept watching after the first couple of episodes didn’t really get me hooked – I’m glad I did: now there’s another impressive show for you, 100% worth your time – be careful with what you read though, it’s highly spoilable).

So anyway – Clancy Brown. After completely falling in love with his voice -amongst other things…- I went straight to the IMDb to see what else he’d been up to. I found lots of voicing too – most of which I would’ve had hardly any interest in hadn’t it been for him… In fact, I don’t think I’ve watched much just to see or hear him besides The Laramie Project and a few ER episodes.

And I certainly forgot reading anything about Justice League. So there – that’s me getting all excited over some credits and a voice. Blessed are the easily amused…


~ por nushh en 2006/07/06.

Una respuesta to “[insert schoolgirly shriek here]”

  1. I’m sure I already told you I found him on Lost as a stunt in one episode… Then he came back again on the 2nd season’s finale having a more important role.

    How is the Monster project going…? Don´t think I’ll give up that easily :p


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