Day against DRM

It’s been a while now and I’m yet to work out an update schedule I’m comfortable with – what with the new job and trying to finally get my degree (finally) over with. You all know how it is – I’m probably just lazy.

Still, there’s something I felt I should post today:


You might have noticed there’s a link that’s been sitting on my Blogroll for months and takes you to a Sony BMG settlement Info page. That’s probably the first case that made the greater public aware of what DRM was and how it was being used [wikipedia].

Do I think it’s a matter of DRM = “bad people from the RIAA spying on us”? Definitely not, things are never that simple. But it is about trying to make people realise what their rights as consumers are. Unknowingly having bogus, illegal software, possibly with security holes (as was the case with Sony) the company might or might not own up to is hardly amongst them. Come to think about it, DRM does nothing against those who sell illegal copies of any kind of media. It goes against you and the use of legally purchased media you were entitled to in the first place but can now be re-sold to you.

Funny thing is part of my job will be related to DRM (and DAM) the next few weeks – oh, the irony.


~ por nushh en 2006/10/03.

2 comentarios to “Day against DRM”

  1. There’s only one thing as bad as DRM… that would be the SGAE and other organizations of suckers…

    You should read this:

    I know… it’s tempting… too tempting.

    Still, about DRM you should check this out:

    I guess that if you can’t fight, you have to stand it…

  2. The guy who leaked that file’s being prosecuted – and it serves him right.

    I am against DRM, I can’t stand how people just find it natural that their rights should be taken away from them – one way or another. I can’t stand the RIAA, spanish SGAE or some such associations whose main use is to give shelter to worthless coke addicts living off of real artists.

    But if we’re against the invasion of our privacy DRM means, we can’t tolerate that someone would take personal addresses of SGAE members ilegally and disclose them. It’s simply not the way to do things and doesn’t help. It gives them the oh-so-handy excuse to go on about how whoever’s against them is basically a juvenile delinquent. Bollocks to them and bollocks to stunts like this one.

    < /rant>

    I guess it sort of pisses me off… sorry! 😉


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