“Oh, I’m sorry… No one told you?”

So- about Monday… just one thing.

24 – 6×14 spoiler. You have been warned.

Several seasons hating her whiney guts and we don’t get to see the bitch die???

They better make up for that. Flashbacks, some Jar Jar-you’re-responsible-for-all-that-happened-next kind of thing. I don’t really care, but we deserve some candy after having to put up with her sorry arse these last few years. And, no, she’s definitely not heroic material: I’m fine with 24 being a sci-fi show(*), but surreal comedy would be way off, thank you very much.

* a black President in the US – that’s got to be up there with the “having a decent religion-free education nation-wide” thing.


~ por nushh en 2007/03/21.

3 comentarios to ““Oh, I’m sorry… No one told you?””

  1. Yeah! The bitch is dead… or better… murdered… and now Jack need revenge… I believe it was Nina, she came back from dead, killed Audrey and then come back to the graveyard. She knew we were upset about Audrey.

  2. […] de teléfono para traernos de vuelta a los chinos. Lamentablemente, lo siento por Nushh. La zorra no está muerta. Esta chica es como las cucarachas, no hay forma de acabar con ellas. Pero todos tranquilos, […]

  3. I’d rather not see Nina again -dead or alive! :D- not even to have her put the whiney bitch out of her misery. I never liked her in the first place…


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